Consultancy Services

Provide consultancy services on strata management to management corporations who do not have the services of a managing agent. Such services will include advice on strata laws applicable in the management of the common areas, as well as on the duties and responsibilities of the council in discharging their functions, etc. Where necessary, our consultant will attend meetings with the council to provide advice on issues relating to the Building Maintenance & Strata Management Act.

Our consultancy services are also offered to developers to assist them in their new developments to meet their pre-T.O.P. requirements. Services in this aspect will include preparing and submitting the maintenance fund budget to the Commissioner of Buildings for their approval. Other services will include preparing the Residents’ Handbooks (applicable to residential developments) or the Fitting-Out Guide (applicable to commercial developments).

Provide feasibility studies on conversion of single-tier to two-tier management corporation scheme for mixed developments, ranging from an appreciation of the advantages of the conversion, the challenges involved and the process of conversion, etc.

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