Facilities and Asset Management Services

Our facilities management and maintenance services are offered to property owners of industrial and commercial buildings to relieve them of the day-to-day operations so that they can focus on their core businesses.

The full spectrum of management and maintenance services includes:

  • Maintenance Planning and Management:
    • Cleaning services.
    • Security services and electronic security system maintenance.
    • Car park management.
    • Landscape and gardening services.
    • Pest Control and refuse removal services.
  • Contract Administration and Management:
    • Drafting of Specifications and Calling of Tenders
    • Management of Specialist Vendors, e.g. B.A.S., specialist lightings, etc
    • Financial and Cost Management: Operating Budget and Cash Flow monitoring.
  • Property Management:
    • Property Inspection (audits and checklists).
    • Incident Reporting & Management.
    • Building Fire Safety Management (as Fire Safety Managers).
  •  Tenancy Management:
    • Property Accounting.
    • Monthly billing and collection.
    • Arrears Management.
    • Attendance to tenants’ service requests and feedbacks.
  • Statutory Compliance:
    • Property Licenses (applications and renewals), e.g. Lifts, Signages, etc.
    • Liaise with appointed auditors or building authorities inspectors, etc.
    • Advertising & Promotion Plan (optional service):
    • Develop an A & P Plan for the first year subject to available budget.
    • Co-ordinate with event organizer for major activities, such as Grand Opening.

In addition, we can work with property owners on the following continual improvement initiatives:

  • Review, over time, opportunities for asset enhancement initiatives (AEI).
  • Review Environmental Management initiatives such as recycling, waste management, and energy conservation programs.
  • Ensure Green Mark certification (if applicable) compliance is met and renewed.
  • This involves the following:
    • Energy Efficiency –  to monitor energy consumption.
    • Water Efficiency – to monitor water consumption.
    • Sustainable Operations – to implement procedures in concurrence with the Green Mark Certification measures, i.e. waste management, etc.
    • Indoor Air Quality Audit – Audit yearly to ensure certification levels are met.
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