Strata Management Services

We provide common area management services to property developers or management corporations of strata-titled commercial and residential properties (retail malls, industrial and office complexes, mixed developments and condominiums).

The scope of services to be provided can be categorized into: 

Administrative and Secretarial Functions:

  • Advise the Client on matters relating to the administration of the Property particularly on the Building Maintenance & Strata Management Act (Cap. 30C) and the relevant Regulations.
  • Comply with the requirements of the laws relating to the property.
  • Assist the Client to uphold the Rules and Regulations and make recommendations to the Client for improvements.
  • Keep the Client informed on all matters regarding the maintenance and management of the property and any changes in regulations relating thereto. Make recommendations to the Client for the improvement of the Property.
  • Attend promptly to all correspondence, statutory notifications, and inquiries on behalf of the Client.
  • Arrange and take out adequate insurance against fire and third party liability and any other risks as directed by the Client.
  • Arrange all Management Meetings and record and circulate minutes of the meetings, whenever required. The frequency of such meetings shall be determined by the Client.
  • Liaise with contractors, solicitors, auditors and relevant government authorities, etc.
  • Attend to all complaints, queries, and suggestions on all maintenance matters. Proper records should be kept of the complaints etc.
  • Apply for all necessary government licenses, certificates or approvals including statutory inspection certificates in respect of lifts, firefighting equipment, pumps, generators, swimming pools, etc
  • Ensure that all applicable laws and regulations rules or bye-laws including the current Building Control Act, and the Building Maintenance & Strata Management Act are complied with.
  • Ensure that documents, records and architectural, structural and M & E drawings are properly kept and maintained.
  • Keep and maintain all statutory books as required by law.
  • Attend to the drafting and preparation of all legal contracts and agreements by the lawyers of the Client.
  • Arrange for the selection and recruitment of supporting staff as required.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of sensitive documents and not entrust the copying of those documents to outside parties.
  • Establish and oversee the implementation of a set of procedures for dealing with specific emergencies such as fire and floods.
  • Provide and submit all necessary statistics and returns to Government bodies and/or statutory boards as required by law and/or requested by the relevant bodies/boards.
  • Prepare or arrange for the preparation of specifications and documents for the calling of tenders or quotations for such works as may be required on the common property.
  • Evaluate the tenders or quotations and thereafter to advise on the selection and appointment of service contractors and such other specialist contractors as may be required by the Client. In such advice and evaluation, the Managing Agent must declare his vested interest, if any, in any of the contractors.
  • On the direction of the Client, prepare or arrange for the preparation of specifications and documents for the calling of tenders for the repainting and redecoration of the said Property or such other works as may be required on the common property and to advise and assist the Client in the selection of contractors, sub-contractors and specialists and the programming of such repairs/replacements. Where necessary, consultants such as Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and specialists may be appointed where such scope of work is beyond the Managing Agent’s expertise and the fees of these consultants shall be borne by the Client.

Accounting and Finance Functions:

  • Invoice and collect all contributions levied and follow up to ensure prompt payments
  • Keep accounting records and produce monthly profit and loss statement and balance sheet
  • Keep a petty cash float as approved by Client and maintain record of transactions
  • Exercise control and advise Client on expenditure to ensure that it is within the approved budget
  • Check and certify invoices for payment for contracts awarded
  • Submit statistical returns to government and statutory bodies
  • Prepare annual maintenance budget for approval
  • Liaise with auditors for annual auditing of accounts
  • Liaise with Client’s lawyers in the recovery of arrears in maintenance and/or any other levies due
  • Prepare and submit tax returns to the Inland Revenue Department

Property Management Function:

  • Supervise contractors and employees to ensure that work schedules are carried out in accordance with the maintenance program and contracts are executed in accordance with the specifications
  • Conduct regular inspection of the property to ensure that the vital installations, facilities, equipment and the property are clean, maintained and serviced
  • Advise and evaluate quotations, tenders, selection, and appointment of contractors
  • Supervise security personnel to ensure that they perform their duties as laid out in the standing order
  • Make recommendations on improvement of the common property
  • Take necessary steps to abate any nuisance caused by occupiers or visitors

Pre-T.O.P & Upon Obtaining T.O.P. services (where applicable):

  • Prepare Handbook for the development.
  • Submission to Building Control Authority for the purpose of obtaining approval on an amount of maintenance charges based on per share value per month.
  • Prepare for the handover kits to be provided to each purchaser for the development.
  • Where required as an option, assist in the handing over of the units to the individual purchasers upon TOP (cost for additional staff required shall be borne by the client).
  • Co-ordinate with the purchasers on the defects found within the units and acts as a liaison between the Developer/Main Contractor and the individual purchasers during the defect rectification process.
  • Co-ordinate with the Main Contractor to rectify defect works found in the common area of the development.
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