Technical Due Diligence Services

Technical due diligence gives an independent, third party assessment of the science and technology associated with new and emerging enterprises and projects.
As part of an overall due diligence process used in buying and selling the property, technical due diligence includes the physical inspection of buildings and associated building services, to confirm their overall status and calculate property valuation.

Our services include:

  • Status inspection (site inspection)
  • Inspection of technical documentation (as-built drawings, plans, etc)
  • Cost estimation (for repairs, rectifications, defects that were identified)
  • Operational cost analysis (life cycle study)
  • Specialist skills in construction and installation (outsourced to specialists):
    • Green mark assessment
    • Indoor Air Quality assessment
    • Diagnostic Tests (structural soundness)
    • Adequacies of M&E installations (capacities, design considerations, etc.)
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